This photo of Pink’s daughter preparing to be a big sister is both hilarious and heartwarming

Kids say and do the darndest things. When you’re the daughter of a celebrity, those things might be highly circulated. For example, the photo below of Pink’s daughter Willow preparing to be a big sister is simultaneously funny and incredibly sweet. It looks like Willow is really practicing hard to make sure she gets everything right once the new baby arrives.

Pink’s daughter Willow, born in 2011 to the singer and husband Carey Hart, is currently a sweet and sassy 5-year-old. The age gap between Willow and this second child, whose gender remains a secret, is almost perfect. According to Pink herself, she always envisioned herself with a successful family, so she can definitely cross that off the to-do list.

Here’s the photo of Willow that should probably be framed and hung in the nursery:

So adorable, isn’t it? We know that Willow is going to be a diapering pro once this baby arrives.

Speaking of which, we’re not totally sure of Pink’s due date — but when she announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago, she definitely looked pretty far along.

(If we’re framing photos for the nursery, we should probably include that one as well. It’s simply breathtaking.)

We can’t wait to hear news about the successful birth of the second Hart baby. We’re pretty positive that Pink will share a few more incredible snaps with her fans through Instagram when it happens. Willow is going to be so proud of her little brother or sister!

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