Pink Proudly Showed Off Her “Thunder Thighs” In a Badass Pic

It was a family surfing day.

Pink is giving the once-negative term “thunder thighs” a whole new meaning. The singer and acrobatic aerialist extraordinaire posted a photo of herself surfing on Instagram, and she reminded herself that if it weren’t for her “thunder thighs,” she wouldn’t be able to master a wave like she so clearly can.

“I always wondered why God gave me thunder thighs. It’s cause he knew I’d use them,” Pink captioned her August 18th post. She included the hashtags #throwingbuckets #strongismygoal #joyful #wakesurfgirl #somebodysponsormealready.

If thunder thighs don’t point to #strongismygoal, then we don’t know what does.

As if Pink’s caption and photo weren’t inspiring enough, the positivity radiating from the comments section is almost too beautiful to handle.

“He definitely knew,” one follower commented. Another added, “BADASS MAMA,” and someone else commented, “Man I’ll be so stoked when we get away from vanity and start acknowledging the POWER in our capabilities and what our bodies allow us to do!! Grateful for you!”

Pink wasn’t the only one dominating the wake. She and her husband Carey Hart took their kids, Willow and Jameson, to the lake for an afternoon of lake surfing. (Go, Jameson, go!)

Hopefully, for these little surfers’ sake, powerful thunder thighs run in the family.

Pink has been a body-positive advocate for years. After giving birth to Jameson, she shared her height and weight to make a point about how “standard” numbers don’t mean jack when it comes to how you feel inside or your overall health. In that same post, she hashtagged #strongismygoal, reiterating her different perspective on how her body works.

May we all be blessed with thunder thighs like Pink’s. Now we just have to work on that incredible coordination and ability to surf…

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