Pink strawberry string cheese now exists, if you’re into this sort of thing

Way back when (in the late 90s and early 2000s), our favorite foods were inspired by our favorite movies and TV shows. From Scooby Snacks gummies and Spongebob Squarepants gogurts to Rugrats Kraft Mac and Cheese, we practically insisted on eating foods featuring our favorite characters.

So, prepare to be transported back to your childhood because My Little Pony inspired food is here and ready to be consumed. A company named Cow Candy recently announced its partnership with Hasbro brands My Little Pony and Transformers.  That means, they’re releasing PINK and RED colored cheese. We seriously have so many questions for Cow Candy — mainly, where can we get some??


The three new flavors launched are Pinkie Pie Strawberry Jack Cheese, Prime Punch Fruit Jack Cheese, and Honey Jack Cheese. If you were curious, the Pinkie Pie Strawberry and Prime Punch Fruit cheeses are actually pink and red, respectively. In addition to the Transformers and My Little Pony inspired flavors, Cow Candy also has orange, grape, and apple flavored cheese. This is definitely one of the more interesting cheese ideas we’ve seen as of late.

While the idea has many skeptical, Cow Candy founder Danyel O’Connor defended the fruity cheese idea to Huffington Post.

She said, “I like to explain to people that think we are a bit out-there (which we are totally OK being), that fruit and cheese have been paired together for eons. Even today, as adults, we enjoy cheese and wine together or pair our cheeses with grapes, apples, figs and the like. Cow Candy is just the juvenile expression of this pairing (P.S. strawberry milk exists and so does yogurt with fruit flavorings ― and a whole lot more sugar).

While we’re definitely a little hesitant to try the out of the box flavors, we do think O’Connor has a point and if we’re feeling brave next time we’re at the grocery store, we’ll definitely give the string cheeses a try.