All-pink Starbursts are back, with cute millennial pink merch to match

If you’re obsessed with the “I am a pink Starburst” meme, you’re going to love this news. All-pink Starburst packs are back, which means you can finally enjoy your favorite flavor in bulk without having to sift through yellow or orange. And as if that’s not awesome enough, the brand is also launching a merch line to go along with the pink packs.

This wonderful news arrived on April 18th: In a press release, Starburst execs announced that they wanted to bring the pink Starburst meme to life for fans, including launching clothing emblazoned with the “I am a pink Starburst” line so that you can let the world know you are a true prize.

First of all, the candy: That’s available anywhere you can find Starburst, including Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Dollar Tree, and it’s available in bags, pouches, and the sticks you see at the cash register, meaning that no matter how many pink Starburst you need, you are officially taken care of.

This is the best way to celebrate the meme, because honestly, what’s better than an all-pink Starburst pack?

Okay, we’ll tell you what’s better — the merch. Seriously, it’s so cute, and it was designed in collaboration with Project Runway Season 15 winner Erin Robertson.

“When I think of pink Starburst, I think of living my best life,” Robertson said in the press release, and honestly, same. “I’ve always loved pink Starburst, so I was inspired to create a line that makes you feel fierce, but playful.”

The line includes everything from sweatshirts to neon lights to pink denim jackets, and you can shop and check out everything on the aptly titled You Are A Pink Starburst site here. Um, yes, we’ll be taking one of everything.


Now, the entire world can bow down to you as the pink Starburst you are. Oranges to the left.

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