And now, the melancholic greatness of a pink balloon scarf

You know those moments when you spy something that’s beautiful and interesting and special and a little weird all at the very same time? You don’t really know how it came to be, but you are sure in your bones that this thing is lovely and sublime. If you could own this thing, you and it together would go on to have the kind of day/life/hour you’ve always imagined and the air would smell like not-too-sweet peaches and there would be a slight-cool breeze on your face and being in your skin would feel better than being in your skin has almost ever felt and you would walk-strut through to adventures you cannot even dream and other people would see your thing and smile because this thing brings feelings to everyone it meets?

Today, I have found that thing and it is this pink balloons scarf by Vacation Days. It’s festive and fetching and feminine and it reminds me of all the melancholic anticipation and fleeting joy of parties and you should buy it for someone you love or buy it for yourself and wear it every time you want to bare all your complicated feelings about happiness and celebrations, tied right up there at your chest.

Pink Balloons printed silk scarf, $69

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