The original Pink Ranger interviewed the new Power Rangers, and it’s both mighty and morphin’

The cast of the new Power Rangers film had a surprise interview from Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Ranger, during a press junket, and it was amazing! The new Rangers made a stop in Vancouver to promote the movie, which will premiere on March 24th. Johnson, who played the role of Kimberly Hart in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV series in the ’90s, asked the gang a few questions on behalf of Canadian publication The Daily Hive.

Now, try to contain your fangirling as you watch Amy Jo Johnson interview the cast of the upcoming mighty morphin’ film.

Was that not the best thing ever?

It was only a clip, and the full interview will appear on The Daily Hive website soon.

The new film follows the Power Rangers as they save the planet from evil Rita Repulsa. Even more impressive, the new Power Rangers have a host of super powers and strength — without wearing the suits! Talk about having a major upgrade…

We were complete fans of the original series, so it’s only right that we race to the theaters this month. And as you saw, the Power Rangers have had a major impact on kids, big and small, all over.