Prettify your nails with the most precious pink shade ever

With so many options out there, choosing a nail polish color can be sooo hard! Today, I’m going to make it easier on you and hook you up with the sweetest pastel pink shade. It’s called “Baby Baby” and it’s by the indie polish brand, Floss Gloss.

This darling shade was inspired by famous women who loved themselves some pink—Diana Ross and The Supremes and Jayne Mansfield. During their heyday, the Supremes could be seen in many gorgeous pink dresses while Jayne loved the rosy shade so much, she lived in a home that was referred to as “The Pink Palace.” To continue with the whole pretty-in-pink vibe, Floss Gloss shot at another famous pink place, The Madonna Inn.

Another cool thing? Baby Baby is a 5-free formula so your nails will be looking fly without worrying about nasty chemicals.

Baby Baby, $8

Photos via Floss Gloss/credit: Erika Miyagiwa


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