The 10 Best Pink Nail Polishes for Every Skin Tone

Celebrity nail artists give their recommendations for the perfect pink hue.

Pink nail polish is a classic choice for manicures year-round. We’re always down for a splash of girly color on our nails, and pink is our go-to hue when we’re feeling especially feminine. The term “pink nail polish” encompasses many different shades, from dusty roses to bold corals, and each will evoke a distinct vibe. Pale pinks compliment any outfit, while a fiery magenta steals the show. So, how do you choose a shade fitting for your look and desires? Luckily, we did the dirty work for you.

HelloGiggles talked to several nail experts to get their recommendations on pink polishes that complement skin tones across the spectrum. For easy identification, we’ve noted celebrities with similar skin tones to give you a better feel of how each polish will match your own skin. Below, find the perfect pink polish to paint on your nails ASAP.

Dark Skin Tones

Skin tone: Dark with warm undertones

Nail polish: Morgan Taylor Magenta Crème

Lupita pink nail polish

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“I love fluorescent brights on darker skin,” celebrity nail stylist and expert Gina Edwards tells HelloGiggles. “People tend to think that warm tones and darker colors (playing it safe) work best on dark skin. In my opinion, a bright color adds a HD contrast.”

Skin tone: Dark with neutral undertones

Nail polish: ORLY Flower Power

Naomi Campbell pink nail polish skin tone

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“This dusty pink looks great on dark skin tones with neutral undertones,” Brittany Boyce, consulting nail artist for ORLY, tells HelloGiggles. “You’re getting that contrast and it doesn’t look washed out on darker skin.”

Skin tone: Caramel with warm undertones

Nail polish: Essie Haute to Trot

Nicki Minaj pink nail polish skin tone

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“I love a barbie pink nail color on caramel skin tones,” Edwards says. This bubblegum pink nail polish is serving us lighthearted and nostalgic vibes, and we’re into it.

Skin tone: Medium-dark with cool undertones

Nail polish: OPI Another Ramen-tic Evening

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“Another Ramen-tic Evening is a beautiful dusty rose shade that looks elegant on medium-dark skin tones like Logan Browning,” OPI‘s North America education manager Sigourney Nunez tells HelloGiggles. We’re thinking we just found our next date night shade.

Skin tone: Medium-dark with warm undertones

Nail polish: Chanel Turban

Beyoncé pink nail polish medium-dark skin tone

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“Chanel Turban is a bold and fun coral pink that stands out on medium-dark skin tones,” Boyce notes. This eye-catching color will turn heads—even if it’s just your S.O.’s at home.

Medium Skin Tones

Skin tone: Medium with warm undertones

Nail polish: ORLY Coming up Roses

Eva Longoria pink nail polish skin tone

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“A medium skin tone with warm undertones like Eva Longoria would look great with a mauve-y pink shade,” Boyce explains. “It has a nice warm undertone without looking too peachy or orange-y.”

Skin tone: Medium with olive undertones

Nail polish: ORLY Kiss the Bride

Kim Kardashian pink nail polish

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“The slight contrast between this creamy baby pink and olive skin tones really highlights both the nail polish and that golden-olive glow,” Boyce says of her product pick. This polish would look beautiful for a wedding manicure.

Light Skin Tones

Skin tone: Light to medium with warm undertones

Nail polish: OPI Two-Timing the Zones

Vanessa Hudgens skin tone nail polish

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“OPI Two-Timing the Zones is a creamy vibrant pink that pops on light to medium skin tones like Vanessa Hudgens,” Nunez tells HelloGiggles. Plus, the polish name is making us laugh, and the vibrant color is sure to continue brightening our mood.

Skin tone: Fair with cool undertones

Nail polish: Dior Bonheur Nail polish:

Scarlett Johansson pink nail polish fair skin tone

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“This is a bright pink with a blue undertone that pops on fairer skin with cooler to neutral undertones,” Boyce explains. “It’s also very fresh for fall and summer.”

Skin tone: Light with pink undertones

Nail polish: OPI Mod About You

Elle Fanning skin tone pink nail polish

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“Mod About You is a powder baby pink that is very flattering on people with light-fair skin tones, like Elle Fanning,” Nunez says. We can see ourselves opting for this pale pink when we’re craving a more feminine hue.

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