Pink just perfectly articulated everything that is beautiful and terrifying about motherhood

Although being a mother can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there, it certainly comes with its ups and downs — and it can make you feel so proud and terrified all at the same time. No one knows that better than Pink, who loves her 4-year-old, Willow, more than anything in this world. Recently, on the red carpet of the 11th annual UNICEF Snowflake Ball in NYC on Thursday, the pop star opened up to E! News about parenthood and all of the beautiful-yet-scary things that come with it.

But first, let’s back up. Earlier this week, Pink was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy couldn’t help but ask about a picture of Willow on a motorcross bike next to her dad, retired racer Carey Hart. “That was right after she got done saying, ‘Dad, I wish you’d move so I could go fast,’” Pink told Jimmy.

Although Willow looks totally rockin’ on that motorbike, E! asked Pink a question on Thursday that we all couldn’t help but wonder: “Doesn’t that scare the crap out of you?” After all, many parents want to let their kids live and have fun, but it must be at least a little bit terrifying, letting your child participate in such a dangerous sport.

Pink responded wisely (as she so often does) and in a way that nailed the beautiful terror of parenting. First, she explained why she lets Willow do motorcross, a sport that many mothers would never let their kids do. “What scares me more is having a breakable child,” she explained. “She needs to be out in the world and be able to do things for herself. She’s very capable, she’s very physical.”

However, Pink has certainly had her moments of being afraid as a mother. After all, Willow is her first child, and it can be scary to suddenly have so much responsibility to keep watch over a young life. “I started out with her where I was gonna get her a bubble and never let her out of it,” Pink admitted, “but. . . you know, she’s good.”

Hey, we have no doubt that Willow can totally rock that bike, and that she’s already got a need for speed. Maybe she’ll end up being a racer like her daddy! But Pink has also recently said that Willow has definitely got way more of her mom’s genes than her dad’s.”Willow is all me,” she told ET this week. “She’s cute like her papa, and she’s mean like her mama.”

Check out the interview below and watch Pink chat about Willow.

(Image via YouTube and Shutterstock.)

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