A Pink Moon ritual that will help you shed all the bad shit that’s clogging your soul

Well, loved ones, we’ve officially made it to spring. We’re over a month into the new season and, if you’re lucky enough, you’re already feeling it. The sky has turned bright blue, leaves and grass represent the vibrant green of new life, and the air outside is scented with flowers (and probably pollen, too #allergyseason). As always, the moon is doing her thing alongside the earth, and on Sunday, April 29th, we have a full Pink Moon in Scorpio. Not only is this the perfect time to check in with yourself emotionally and spiritually to see what gifts this new season brought you, but it’s also a perfect time to do the last of the spring cleaning you may have passed over, and to partake in a Pink Moon ritual.

The Scorpio Pink Moon is all about transformation and rebirth.

Scorpio, whose sign is the scorpion, is all about the shadows, the darkness, the depths of our soul that we often overlook because, honestly, it’s easier that way. Scorpio is all about transformation and rebirth; she speaks of death as a new beginning, as an ending that’s a doorway to something greater. Her medicine is potent and can be overwhelming, but by working with our darkness (known as shadow work) we can live in our bodies, and live our lives, in a more integrated way. Because believe it or not, we all have darkness. This doesn’t make us evil and it’s not even something that needs to be fixed. It’s just a language that we need to learn so we can understand how to best serve our own needs.

The full moon is a time of illumination, when we get to witness our growth and tap into our intuition with an extra dose of energy from the cosmos. This Pink Moon is shining her light on what's serving us and what's not. She's asking us to shape-shift and transform, to be reborn into a version of ourselves that's ready for whatever comes next."

But as they say: out with the old, in with the new. With this meditation and ritual, we’ll be able to see what we need to release to welcome in a new chapter.

This Pink Moon ritual and meditation will help you witness what you need to release and shed this full moon.

You’ll need: sage or palo santo, a lighter, a bathtub or shower, epsom salt, a quiet space to meditate, a black spell candle (either 7-day or 3-day in a jar), and a bowl of water

Optional: crystals like black tourmaline, onyx, selenite, rose quartz, or amethyst

1Set up and cleanse your space.

First things first: make sure you have a space in which you can be alone. Tell any partners or roommates not to disturb you, put some music on, turn off your phone, and make sure any pets won’t barge in (they can be in the room with you if you prefer.) Then use the smoke of either sage or palo santo to cleanse your space and yourself.

Pass the smoke throughout your room and bathroom and all around yourself, making sure to cleanse your palms, throat, hips, the soles of your feet, limbs, and the crown of your head. Set up your candle in the bowl of water and place it where you can light it every day — including any crystals you’re working with. If you don’t have an altar, you can do this on a dresser, windowsill, desk, or nightstand.

2Take a ritual bath or shower.

I’m a big believer in taking a cleansing bath before a spell or ritual. Epsom salt not only gives your muscles some TLC, but will also help absorb any energy that’s not yours as it cleanses your auric field. Take some time to soak in the tub, or take a shower if you don’t have a bath. Imagine the warm water washing away any negative energy (if you’re in the shower, you can imagine this as a waterfall). If you’re able, stay here for at least 15 minutes, doing nothing but soaking and relaxing in the tub.

3Time to drop in and make magick happen.

After your bath, find a place in front of your candle, or near it, and find a comfortable seat. Take at least three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Exhale with sound, releasing any noise that’s asking to come out. Make sure your jaw isn’t tense, and start to breathe into your womb space/root chakra (an energy center we all have located at the base of the spine). Continue to breathe, filling your belly with air, starting to feel an energetic connection to where your body meets the earth under you. Once you feel grounded, imagine a light growing from your heart, extending out around you in a sphere of healing and protective white light. Breathe into this, knowing that this is your circle of protection.

4Meditate on the medicine of the snake.

The snake is a shapeshifter, a healer, and the perfect medicine to work with to see what we need to shed. Snakes feel things on a vibrational level, thanks to their tongues, and are constantly leaving their old skin to make room for the new. We will be utilizing the snake’s medicine to see what we need to shed and release in the coming weeks.

Close your eyes and start to pay attention to your breath. Find grounding once again and then imagine the past month as a snake. What does it look like? What color is it? Is it big, small, somewhere in-between? What color are its eyes? You can imagine the snake moving around your body, its scales touching your skin. Maybe it’s sitting in front of you. Take time to feel its energy. Is it heavy, light, overwhelming? Happy? You can talk to the snake and ask it any questions, or just take a moment to feel its presence and enjoy it.

Take notes of any feelings you have of the snake, and of any emotions that come up. Then, start to imagine that it’s shedding. Slowly, her skin starts coming off. What are you asking to release? What pain are you storing? This snake represents your spirit, so notice anything that comes up as the snake starts to shed. One she’s done, what does her new skin look like? Is it clear and white? Is it a color? Sit with this medicine and visualization as long as you need.

5Light the candle and release.

Once your meditation feels complete, find your way to your candle in the bowl of water. Think about what you just saw in meditation. What is it that you’re releasing? Use this candle to help the process of shedding and transformation. Light the flame and ask to release whatever it is you want to let go of.

The water represents the emotional support that you have, as well as that of water sign Scorpio. The fire of the candle is burning away what no longer serves you. Light this candle every day, and when you do focus on releasing and letting go. You can meditate on this when the candle is lit as well. When you’re ready, use a fan or candle snuffer to put out the flame (don’t blow it out). You can also have a white candle next to the black one as a reminder of what you’re illuminating. Dispose of the candle on the new moon, either by throwing it out at an intersection or crossroad, or by recycling it.

6Ground your energy, and voilà!

You can let your candle continue to burn or put it out, and then find a seated position. Start to connect to your breath again, and then imagine the sphere of white light around you shrinking and moving back into your heart. Press your forehead and palms into the earth like in child’s pose, and imagine any excess energy returning to the earth.

Stay here as long as you need, but your spell is done! Enjoy, and don’t forget to take some time to sit under the Scorpio Pink Moon and bask in her rays.

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