17 Pink Moon quotes that will tickle your Instagram followers pink

The March blue moon was great and all, but we’re pretty stoked to see April’s upcoming Pink Moon. Popping into the sky come April 29th, the full Pink Moon provides us with an opportunity to charge our crystals, reflect on our relationships, and post a celebratory Pink Moon photo to our Instagram. To help you craft a witty caption, we found 17 Pink Moon quotes that will tickle your Instagram followers pink.

Despite its name, the Pink Moon isn’t actually the color pink. It was named such by Native Americans because of the fact that a flower called “moss pink” (or creeping phlox) blooms during April. But even though it doesn’t have an actual rosy hue to it, the full Pink Moon is still a marvel in the night sky.

The Pink Moon also goes by several other names depending on where you are in North America. Some tribes called April’s full moon the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, or the Fish Moon. So technically, you can post an Instagram in celebration of any of the above moons. Although, in our opinion, one can get a bit more creative with the Pink Moon than with the Egg Moon. (But, hey — if you’re a big egg person, do your thing, chicken wing).

1We like our full moon like we like everything else…pink.

2Our rose quartz needs us.

3*Sunday (April 29th)

4Depending on who you ask, it’s actually the Rosé Moon.

5Stay wild.

6With sunshine and a little Pink Moon, that is.

7We need some one-on-moon time.

8Don’t mind if we do.

9Please don’t question our relationship with pink.

10We hope it sees our soul through rose-colored glasses.

11We know the moon comes in blue, but perchance…

12You hear that, Pink Moon? We love you!

13This is comforting on a cosmic level.

14And we believe in Audrey.

15If the moon can do it, so can you!

16Believe us, or don’t. See what we care.

17And finally, some parting words of advice.

If you decide to bask in the “rosy” light of the Pink Moon, then bring your Instagram fam along for the ride. As mentioned, a little pink always makes life (and one’s Instagram caption) better.

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