Pink met Johnny Depp and lost her cool, and we totally get it

Johnny Depp is the definition of cool. So when one of his biggest fans got to meet him, it’s no surprise that she was all kinds of flustered. That huge fan just happens to be Pink. You know, one of the raddest, most badass performers of our time who has a million cool points of her own.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Pink confessed that she has a major crush on Johnny Depp and Michael Keaton. Depp was also a guest the show last night, so naturally, she tried to avoid him at all costs. Because being starstruck is real. Even when you’re a star yourself.

She told Kimmel that her husband Carey Hart forced her to say hi to him once when they ran into him while shopping.

“I didn’t want to meet him,” she said. “My husband made me meet him, which was so dumb. I was hiding behind records in a record store and I was like, ‘Don’t do this. I don’t want to meet him.’”

Since she was literally face to face with him, she had to think of something to say. So she brought up Depp’s new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass — since Pink lent her vocals to a song on the soundtrack.

Depp misunderstood and thought she was referring meeting Alice Cooper. Oops.

“I don’t think it went well,” she explained. “I don’t feel like I nailed it.”

Even though Pink did her best to avoid Depp while backstage at Kimmel, she failed. Because Kimmel brought him out as a surprise.


“That was awful. This sucks. I hate you,” she said to Kimmel after Depp left the stage. In typical fan girl fashion.

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