Pink just clapped back at mom-shamers coming for Jessica Simpson, and we stan

We love seeing celeb moms share family photos on social media, but unfortunately, mom-shamers always seem to come out in full force in the comments section. The latest famous mama to be mommy-shamed is Jessica Simpson, who shared pictures of her 7-year-old daughter, Maxi Drew, with dyed hair on Instagram. After being inspired by Mal from The Descendants, Maxi hit the salon with her mom to dye the ends of her blonde hair in unicorn colors.

Maxi’s hair looked so cute, and she looked like she had a blast surrounded by stylists—but that didn’t stop a handful of mom-shamers from criticizing Simpson for dyeing her daughter’s hair. Others praised her for letting her daughter express her individual style, aided by professional stylists to ensure the dye job was done safely.

Though Simpson herself hasn’t responded to the mom-shamers, fellow pop queen Pink quickly came to her defense, serving up an epic clapback in an Instagram post of her own.

First, check out Maxi’s brand new vibrant ‘do, which is making us want to go for Descendants-inspired hair, too.

After seeing the hate that Simpson was getting, Pink showed off her own hairstyling skills, giving her daughter Willow a bold shade of blue.

In the caption of her post, Pink wrote, “I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven year old get her hair colored. So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday.” She followed the statement with a handful of hilarious hashtags and turned off the comments to the post. Slow clap, Pink!

Sadly, Pink has also faced her fair share of mom-shamers over the years. Just last year, she received criticism for dyeing Willow’s hair purple, and she even paused posting photos of her kids on social media earlier this year after mom-shamers targeted a picture of her little ones.

Pink is never afraid to tackle the “parenting police” head-on, whether she’s defending herself or another celeb mom. While we love to see our favorite pop divas supporting each other, we really wish they didn’t have to. It certainly seems like both ladies are wonderful moms, so let’s quit it with the judgment and shaming, shall we?

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