Pink and her husband won’t know the sex of their new baby until delivery day, and we think that’s incredibly special

There are obviously many hugely exciting things about having a baby, but this celeb couple are in for a real surprise!

Pink and her hubby Carey Hart don’t know the sex of their second child, which means delivery day is going to be even more special.

They already have a daughter named Willow (who is apparently a total badass and into motocross like her dad), so Hart is kinda hoping for a boy this time around.

"We got one princess, so hopefully we’ll have a little guy coming. I don’t want any competition for my daughter," he told People.

He also admitted that he’s “nervous for what it’s going to be” (which is totally understandable), and mentioned  that having a “healthy baby” is ultimately what he cares most about. Even though the couple are slightly anxious, they’re super excited to get back into the throes of babyhood.

"It’s been a while since we’ve had a baby around the house. It’s going to be really fun," said Hart.

Apparently Willow is so excited about being the big sibling that she rebuilt a bike as a special gift! Did we mention she’s only 4-years-old?! Awwwwww.

Yeah, it’s no surprise that Pink’s daughter is growing up to be a strong lady. They are such an adorable family, we can’t wait until the new baby arrives!

So many congrats to the happy couple, and we’re excited for their upcoming mystery baby.

Boy or girl, this baby is gauranteed to be one cool kid.

H/T: People

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