Pink horchata is the cool older sister of unicorn horchata

You’re outside and the sun is shining on your skin. It’s warm but not too hot. Your horchata is in hand, and it’s keeping you cool as you sip. Then, you look down and remember: This isn’t any horchata, this is cool horchata. This is pink horchata, and it reminds you that you’re living your best, most millennial life.

This new take on the classic Latinx staple comes straight from Teaquation Cafe in Redwood City, CA. The pink dream, called the Latitude Zero, looks beautiful and probably tastes just as delicious, too.

The Latitude Zero is made by mixing red prickly pear juice with classic horchata ingredients like rice milk and cinnamon.

Of course, Instagram is already obsessed with this mesmerizing drink. Horchata on its own can take us from a bad day to a wonderful day; add in some pink, and you’re sure to make us forget all about our blues.

But, of course, there are other cafes serving this pink variation. Cafe Calacas in Santa Ana, California  has their own version of the drink, although we’re not quite sure what makes theirs pink. Honestly, this is one trend we wouldn’t mind seeing go viral. Everyone deserves delicious and authentic horchata. And while some may not like this new pink version, we can’t help but love how pretty it is.

So wear your best pinks and come on over to California for some pink horchata. Sometimes it really is the little things.