Pink forgot her own lyrics at a concert, reacted in the most relatable way ever

Pink is nothing if not an expert at her craft, and she wasn’t about to let something like forgetting her own lyrics ruin her Madison Square Garden performance on Wednesday, April 4th.

The pop star and renowned aerial dancing aficionado slipped up on the lyrics to “Who Knew” at her New York City concert, and she had the best, most human reaction.

"I forgot the words. Sh-t!" she told the assembled crowd. "I forgot the words."

Fans loved her candor, and Pink slipped seamlessly back into the chorus soon after the fumble like nothing had happened. Of course, this isn’t the first time the singer’s resilience has impressed us: Remember when she performed the National Anthem at the 2018 Super Bowl even though she was battling the flu? #lozengegate.

Though Pink forgot lyrics, she still managed to twirl about in a metallic bodysuit “all while suspended high above the crowd” to the 2006 hit as only she can do.

“Love Pink forgot Who Knew words,” one fan tweeted. “#Human #loveher #forgiven.”

Pink postponed her Montreal and Detroit performances recently after coming down with a nasty flu.

"I want to give you all the full show and not be hacking all the way through it and have to cut songs because of my voice," she wrote on Twitter. "I'm very sorry and have tried so damn hard to avoid this."

She has a final performance at Madison Square Garden this evening, April 5th, on her Beautiful Trauma Tour. If history is any indication, it should be epic.

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