A pink dolphin was spotted off the coast of Louisiana

Your eyes do not deceive you. Out there in the world, there really is a magical Lisa Frank colored pink dolphin swimming freely up and down the coast. The dolphin’s name is Pinky, which is perfectly fitting. Pinky might also be pregnant, which means that soon, there could be a whole pod of pink dolphins making the ocean an even more colorful place.

Over the weekend, Pinky was spotted in the Louisiana River, but this isn’t her first sighing. The first sighting of Pinky goes all the way back to 2007, when she was just a little baby dolphin. Captain Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service in Louisiana first noticed the pink dolphin swimming alongside her mom in the river. Almost 10 years later, Rue spotted Pinky again. Now an adult dolphin, Rue believes he saw Pinky and a boy dolphin hanging out.

The dolphins we know and recognize immediately are typically colored blue/grey. However, there are places in the world where pink dolphins really do exist and Pinky is certainly not the only one of her kind. These pink freshwater river dolphins are most often found in the Amazon River, and are either light grey or carnation pink. That latter color is the same hue as Pinky, so could she be an Amazon river dolphin really far away from home? Pink dolphins do exist in other freshwater areas so Pinky could also be one of those.

Others biologists believe that Pinky suffers from a genetic condition, one where possibly her blood veins are so close to the skin that she’s been tinted pink. There’s no way to know unless she’s studied, but seeing as how she’s swimming just fine, there’s no need for concern.

Now that summer’s officially winding down, and the waters will stop dropping in temperature, it might be a while before Pinky is spotted again. But who knows, maybe next year she’ll have some little ones in tow. Haven’t we always dreamed of a world populated by amazing pink dolphin creatures?

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