Pink clapped back so hard against that “women need to step up” comment

A lot of music fans noticed something problematic about the 2018 Grammys: Women were entirely underrepresented. While several women took home awards, the only solo woman televised was Alessia Cara, who won a Grammy for Best New Artist.

After a hashtag of #GrammysSoMale began trending, Recording Academy president Neil Portnow addressed the lack of female winners in a statement to Variety that has since raised a lot of eyebrows. He essentially said that women need  “to step up” in the music industry if they want to make it as performers, producers, engineers, and everything in between.

And Pink, who was nominated this year for the 19th time, had some thoughts.

"Women in music don't need to 'step up' — women have been stepping since the beginning of time," she posted to Twitter. "Stepping up, and also stepping aside. Women owned music this year. They've been killing it. And every year before this."

"When we celebrate and honor the talent and accomplishments of women, and how much women step up every year, against all odds, we show the next generation of women and girls and boys and men what it means to be equal and what it looks like to be fair," Pink continued.


Case in point, many of the top singles and albums this year have been penned by women. And even though Ed Sheeran won for Best Pop Performance this year, he was the only male in the entire category — including Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Kesha, and Lady Gaga.

So perhaps instead of blaming hardworking and talented women, it’s time the male-dominated music industry “steps ups” and recognizes their role in the cycle of discrimination. Because it’s more than time for women to get the credit they deserve.

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