Pink has been accused of putting her baby in a dangerous situation

Sometimes (or all the time) busy moms have to multitask. One of those busy moms, Pink (you know, the badass musician and performer) posted a photo of herself on Instagram doing just that. In the post, we see her cooking up a stir fry while keeping baby Jameson safely strapped to her chest. But some of Pink’s critics have accused her of putting Jameson in a dangerous situation by doing so.

The photo of Pink and her two kids cooking dinner together sparked a debate in the comments over whether or not Pink wearing Jameson while cooking is a safety hazard. Many believe that because Jameson is faced forward, he’s in danger of being splattered with hot oil from the pan.

The “parent police” were quick to share their two cents about the matter.


pinkcommenttwo.png reported that one Instagram user asked if Pink was “insane these days” by exposing her baby to hot oil. “Dangerous stuff for your kids!” the user commented.
“Stop doing this!”

But the negative mommy-shaming comments have been outnumbered by an overwhelming amount of positive reactions from commenters siding with Pink on her decision to cook with her kids.



At the end of the day, Pink’s parenting choices aren’t really up for public debate. 


A simple scroll through her Instagram feed will show you that Pink is a wonderful mother. She’s unafraid to breastfeed while sitting in the makeup and hair chair.

And the singer is constantly bringing her kids with her wherever her tour takes her, exposing them to the wonderful people in her life. She’s as hands-on as a mother can get.

Luckily, Pink isn’t one to let the haters get to her. She knows she’s an awesome mother and will keep up the hard work and multitasking without fearing the mommy-shamers.

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