This guy styled his hair like a pineapple and, yup, it’s awesome

We’ve seen some innovative hair styles in our day — pixelated hair that looks like a computer graphic, the infinite shades of gray that launched the #GrannyHair craze, and the exclusive shading technique called “lived-in color.” But we had never seen pineapple hair. Until now.

Meet Hansel Qiu, the 20-year-old college student who cut and colored his hair to resemble a pineapple because he lost a bet to his cousin. Qiu took to Reddit to explain the situation: “Here’s a bit more background on the bet, in the beginning of the school year as motivation for school/fitness, my cousin and I decided to have a GPA/pushup bet. She ended up getting a 4.0 across the board, which I wasn’t even close to. Luckily she’s a pretty artistic and talented kind soul who IMO made my hair pretty cool!”

Honestly, we’re kind of glad Qiu lost (sorry, Qiu!), because his hair is wonderfully weird and epically vibrant. It’s also making us crave pineapple. (Is that just me? OK).

Qiu showed off his new ‘do on Imgur, posting images from a gorgeous, woodsy photo shoot that just elevates the awesomeness of his hair. Also — Qiu is wearing a pineapple shirt, and that dedication did not go unnoticed. Take a look!

In the photos, Qiu seems to be pretty smitten with his new fruit muse. And we love it.

You go, Qiu!

(Images via Imgur)