This pimple-popping video may actually scar you

OKAY, you’re obviously into things like this. Because here you are, ready to watch quite possibly the gnarliest, most repulsive pimple-popping video of all time. You’re either into gross things or you’re just feeling really, really brave right now.

Either way, welcome and get ready to be scarred for life. Or…at least for the day.

There are pretty much endless zit-popping videos floating around on YouTube. People seem to not be able to get enough of other people’s pus. But we get it — there’s just something so satisfying about watching a huge pimple being squeezed to its death.

Now, because there are so many videos to choose from, it takes a straight-up disgusting one to catch the attention of professional pimple-popper watchers. But that accurately describes what you’re about to see.

YouTube user AndyPeppers posted a video of a pimple being popped on the back of his neck, and it has amassed almost 16 million views. 

"I had a somewhat large lump on the back of my neck for more than a decade," Peppers wrote on YouTube. "It wasn't really noticeable and it didn't hurt. That is, until it did start hurting, turning red and angry, and growing multiple whiteheads. It started to hurt even to tilt my head back because of all the pressure. The reason this became a story and video instead of a trip to the doctor is that, at the time, my wife and I were working in rural Laos and didn't have ready access to medical care, not least because of the language barrier."

So they went to a convenience store and purchased the medical supplies they needed to pop the zit. It took them several days to complete the popping, but once it was complete, the pain was finally gone.

Are you ready to watch? Brace yourselves. Here it is:

The video was shot a few years ago, but it’s being recirculated now. Because like we said, people love zits. Peppers posted four other videos of the same zit-popping session on his YouTube channel, because he clearly gives the people what they want.

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