This woman got an airline pilot to help announce her pregnancy

We all dream about the cutest way we can tell someone we love good news. We want to make it feel special and exciting so that they not only enjoy the news, they revel in it.

Well, Lisa Sadiwnyk announced her first pregnancy to her husband, Erik Sadiwnyk, in such a special and exciting way, he definitely got to revel in it. And, since she recorded the whole thing, we all get to enjoy it as well.

While on an American Airlines flight back from Las Vegas, Lisa secretly slipped a note to one of the flight attendants. Thanks to the flight attendant’s sweetness, the note made its way to the captain, who began reading it over the loudspeaker before takeoff for everyone to hear.

The note begins by singling out Eric. He quickly turns and gives Lisa a look we can all recognize as saying “What are you up to?”


As the captain continued and revealed the big news, Eric immediately smiles happily at his beautiful wife while the rest of the passengers cheer.


They share one of those kisses where you can’t decide if you want to kiss or smile and everyone with a heart begins melting immediately from the overwhelming cuteness.


Then, just moments before Lisa stops recording, she captures her husband getting so overwhelmed, he’s holding back tears of joy.


And, just when we thought we were maybe going to make it through this video with just giddy giggles, our own happy tears start pouring down and we remember what a beautiful thing love is.

We’re so happy for Eric and Lisa Sadiwynk and grateful the good people of American Airlines flight 607 helped make this magical moment happen for them. Not to mention, we’re delighted they shared it with all of us so we could revel in the sweetness ourselves.

Grab a tissue and check out the full video below.

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