People have started wearing pillows as dresses—and this is the nap-friendly trend we can get behind

At this point in quarantine, we really shouldn’t be surprised that bedding has become interchangeable with clothing. For some of us, especially those quarantining in small spaces, our beds have become not only a place to sleep at night, but also our home office space, our couch, maybe even our dining area. We are officially one with our beds—and no one can break that bond. So, the way we see it, the quarantine Pillow Challenge is both a declaration of love for our comfiest companion and it’s another example of how people are getting creative and passing it on during this increased time indoors.

Okay, so what is the Pillow Challenge?

It’s pretty simple: The pillow dress challenge involves making a dress out of a pillow. Most people have been simply pulling a standard pillow from their bed, securing it to their bodies with a belt, then posting a picture of their look. Some have made the pillow dress look super convincing, like just another #OOTD. Others have gone for more Met Gala-esque couture styles. We love every creative take on the Spring 2020’s hottest fashion trend.

Who started the Pillow Challenge?

It’s hard to track down the original creator of the Instagram Pillow Challenge. The hashtag #PillowChallenge now has more than 264,000 posts, so it’s spread like wildfire since it first started. But whoever started this genius lockdown pillow challenge, we thank you because the simple creativity is giving us life, and we’ve loved seeing all the pillow challenge pictures that people are sharing.

Here’s how to do the Pillow Challenge:

To make your own Pillow Challenge entry, all you need is a shortlist of supplies. This involves one pillow and one belt. Shoes, pants, undergarments, and all other accessories, are merely optional. Line up the pillow with your body lengthwise, then secure it at your waist with some kind of belt or tie. The rest is up to you.

Some have also been creating their own variations of the trend, swapping the pillow out for blankets or comforters, and merging the Pillow Challenge with the wedding dress challenge.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity Pillow Challenge entries:

1Halle Berry

It’s safe to say Halle Berry killed it in her all-black, old Hollywood-inspired look. “You already KNOW you couldn’t keep me from the #PillowChallenge,” she wrote.

2Nadia Sawalha

British actress Nadia Sawalha thanked Berry for inspiring her to find her “inner couture” for the Pillow Challenge. “Good god I feel beautiful !! Eat your heart out A listers I’m coming through,” she wrote.

3Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash switched things up and opted for a mini pillow dress. She also referenced the song “Bored In The House,” which has been going viral on TikTok for its perfectly relevant lyrics.

4Tracee Ellis Ross

“Am I too late?” Tracee Ellis Ross asked in the caption of her post. Our answer? Of course not. But we’ll let Anne Hathaway give her thoughts…

5Anne Hathaway

“A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early,” Hathaway shared this perfect quote from The Princess Diaries with her post. We love how she made the trend her own with not one but three pillows, sunglasses, headphones, and a pair of combat boots. Miranda Priestly would be so proud.

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