Piglet Uses A Tiny Wheelchair Made From K’Nex!

Meet Chris P Bacon (HA). Chris was born with a defect that left him without use of his hind legs, so his owner, veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero, made him a toy wheelchair out of K’Nex!

Chris was brought into Dr Lucero’s clinic by a woman who wanted to euthanize him. Len decided to bring him home.

Len told ABC News:

“I remembered my son had a bunch of K’nex, and I wondered if I could make him something to walk on, so I just made a real quick wheelchair. We put him on it the next day and I was just trying to see if it would work. He didn’t like it at all at first. But he started to calm down, so I started filming. He’s so cute you can hardly take bad footage of him.”


UPDATE: Handicappedpets.com donated a new wheelchair to Chris! It’s the first time the company used a wheelchair on a piglet. Just look how happy he is:

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