A conservative pundit called Daniel Craig “emasculated” for carrying his own child, and Twitter is not happy

Last month, actors Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz welcomed their first child together. Since then, we’ve seen various shots of both Craig and Weisz around town with their new little one. However, apparently not everyone is down with images of a father taking care of his child. After Craig was photographed carrying his baby girl in a carrier across his chest, conservative pundit Piers Morgan called the actor “emasculated.” And Twitter is not happy.

Morgan shared the photo to Twitter on October 14th, captioning it, "Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond."

Craig is known for playing James Bond (aka agent 007), and Morgan’s tweet suggests that a father carrying his daughter—one of the most basic acts of parenting—detracts from his identity as a man. Morgan’s tweet has more than 11,000 direct responses, most of which point out why his statement was so offensive and misguided. He responded to a slew of them, but his replies make it clear he completely missed the point.

Tons of men responded to Morgan’s tweet by sharing (adorable) photos of themselves carrying their own babies.



Others just voiced their basic disgust at his comments—including Chris Evans, Sophia Bush, and Dictionary.com’s beloved Twitter account.

Someone even pointed out that many other James Bonds have been seen proudly caring for their children.

And others replied with jokes (this is Twitter, after all).


Ignorant Piers Morgan comment aside, this whole situation has taught us a very important lesson: fatherhood looks very good on Daniel Craig.

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