Pierced nipple t-shirts is the newest style trend for when you don’t want to FULLY commit

Sometimes, you want to rock an edgy new look – but you also don’t want to commit to it forever. Maybe you want a tattoo, but don’t necessarily want to permanently ink your skin. Of course, they’ve got temporary tattoos (and even the now-kinda-passé tattoo-shirts) to remedy that problem. But how about the risqué (and, I would imagine, crazy painful) but super cool addition of a nipple piercing? We can’t all be as edgy and fashion-forward Kendall Jenner, with her unwavering dedication to the “Free the Nipple” campaign. Luckily, there’s now a clothing line that can mimic that look – minus the scary needles.

Life in Perfect Disorder (LPD), a clothing company located in NYC, has a line specifically dedicated to making it look like you’ve got a piercing (or two).


They’ve got a wide variety of pieces, including pierced unisex hoodies, pierced boxers (for the other, non-nipple piercing-inclined), pierced crop tops, and even pierced one-piece swimsuits, all currently available on their website and ranging in price from around $50 to just under $200. I particularly love the look of their black pierced crop top, which looks very Kendall Jenner to me.

But their simplest and most straightforward option is their pierced nipple tee, which is just a basic white tee with two perfectly-placed surgical steel piercings on the chest, retailing at $60. It’s so simple, but so iconic. How was nobody thought of this before?



The brand apparently found their “muse” in model-actress Ruby Rose, according to the caption on a post from LPD’s Instagram, with Ruby rocking a black pierced tank dress last September.


This line is a a pretty clever solution if you want to indulge in the nipple-piercing trend without the pain and/or commitment of body modification. The nipple tee is definitely a statement piece.

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