Here’s what kind of pie you should bake this fall, based on your zodiac sign


Though the weather is growing colder and scarves are coming out to play, there’s only one thing we can think of (as always): food! In other words, fall has us dreaming about clouds of pumpkin spice, apple mountains, and plenty of warm beverage waterfalls. So basically, we can’t stop thinking about pie with a side of something hot to drink. With this in mind, we got to wondering: What is the perfect fall pie for us, based on our sign of the zodiac? We looked to the seasonal stars and the impeccable astrologer Jessica Adams to find out more…



Sharing is always caring in your world and, fortunately for your friends, this is especially the case with food. Any time you get baking, in the back of your mind, you’re always thinking about the recipes that will be best for sharing with others. After all, you are a humanitarian who values your friendships to no end – so why not show it with a pie that’s a universal favorite? Yup, we’re referring to a classic apple pie. And while you are baking this treat for those you love, it’s very likely you’ll get creative by coming up with a cool crust design, one that’s sure to show your deliciously progressive nature.



No matter where you are, your imagination is always ready to run wild. This is most-definitely the case in the kitchen, where you can feel your stomach growling and your creativity bubbling at the exact same time. Such a combination may lead you to crave something that appeals to your tropical nature. Something like a tequila key lime pie, perhaps? And hey – don’t worry – if you want to skip the alcohol for a family-friendly version, you can totally leave it out! Now, light some candles, get in your readily romantic zone, and let’s get that pie going!



As someone who has the energy of a ram running free, we imagine you like your food to have a bit of a kick to it. At the same time, it’s got to give you the energy you need to keep your enthusiasm and determination going all day long. Perhaps something rich with protein and a dash of spice? Perfect example: a spicy bean and beef pie (which can be substituted with veggie beef, of course). The best part is that you can cook this during a very rare moment of free time and then snack on it throughout the week, that way you don’t have to worry about preparing a meal when you’re too busy leading the way.



Thanks to your self-control, overindulgence is not a problem and we definitely don’t need to remind you to keep your appetite in check. This is largely the case because you realize the importance of quality over quantity. You’re not going to eat something for the sake of feeling full. Instead, whatever goes in your body must be in line with your appreciation for craftsmanship. To also compliment your serious nature, we’re choosing an equally no-nonsense pie: Earl Grey! In between working as hard as you can, this will be a worthy feast.



One moment you’re up and the next? You’re down. Which is totally okay! You have the type of easily bored personality that causes you to avoid routine and instead keep things exciting. You’re adaptable, which means you do enjoy trying new things from time to time (though you may not like what you end up with, depending on your mood at the time). That’s why we’re thinking that, if you’re going to bake one pie and one only, you should go with a classic. Choose something you know you’re going to love, a dessert that isn’t too risky. Like a strawberry pie! With it’s fruity, comforting taste, we have a feeling this treat will please all facets of your personality.



When your emotional nature is getting the best of you, food is always there to comfort you in your time of need. It’s there to remind you that there are good things in this world, things that will make you feel like a million bucks. Okay, now get ready because… We’re talking about a cinnamon roll pie here! I mean, what’s more comforting than cinnamon rolls – especially in pie form? This is one dessert that’s sure to balance out your emotions as you get your imagination revved up in the kitchen, a perfectly safe space for your psyche.



No matter where you are or what you’re up to, the spotlight is always shining upon your cheerful, creative being. Basically, you belong on the stage – just like everything around you. A dessert, of course, is no exception. You’re going to need a food that’s just as energetic as you are, so why not an oreo pie? A sight for starving eyes, this pie looks as sweet and sumptuous as its sure to taste. Plus, it doesn’t require any baking, which is perfect for the moment a lazy mood strikes you. And if you show up with this beauty on your arm at a party, your spotlight will likely glow even brighter.



Your practical, analytical nature often leads you to make wise choices in all areas of your life. That would explain why many view you as a cautious person, as someone they totally want on their hardworking team. The same can be said when it comes to how you are in the kitchen. In other words, nutrition is important to you whenever you’re working to quench your appetite. That’s why we’re thinking that a gluten-free shepherds pie would be right up your alley (it can even be adjusted to accommodate paleo and Whole30 diets!). This is one meal that’s sure to satisfy your healthful nature.



When it comes to your life philosophy, it’s all about balance. You want things to be fair, just, and harmonious as you work your way through the world. Applying this to your taste in food, we have a feeling that you’ll appreciate the smooth balance of flavors that aim to make a pumpkin pie as delicious as can be. You can even use your cooperative nature to add an autumnal design to the pie’s crust, making it a creative project for a chilly fall afternoon. Fortunately for those you love like no tomorrow, you are great at sharing and will definitely make the rounds with this sweet-tasting treat.



Your intensity is a beautiful thing, especially since it allows you to feel in control of any and every situation. This can translate into many different areas of your life. At work, for instance, you’re often seen as a leader and in a clear position of power. And in the kitchen, the same can be said. In the recipes you choose to execute, one can easily see (and taste!) your intense nature in every single bite. If this is what you’re going for, a dark chocolate silk pie is going to be the perfect addition to your dessert spread. Just make sure you find a chocolate that’s as strong as you are.



Though you’re often on-the-go and exercising your freedom, there is one thing you will stop everything for: food! After all, it’s food that will give you the energy you need to maintain your idealism and desire to travel. To help with this, we feel a cold brew coffee pie would be an ideal culinary companion for you. Not only will it perk you up and get you ready for another one of your many adventures – it will also satisfy your craving for something a bit different. Now, eat! Because you have people to see, places to go, and plenty of pies to taste!



From 9 to 5, you’re more than ready and more than willing to work your butt off. That’s because you have the work ethic of a champion. You’re not only responsible and practical, you’re the most reliable worker bee there is. Yet, once you punch out, you deserve to reap the fruits of your labor. You should treat yo’ self and indulge a bit by rewarding yourself. Now, how about doing just that with a salt and honey pie? This dessert is described as being a decadent dream – perfect for someone who wants to needs a little TLC in their life.

You can learn more about the extraordinary Jessica Adams here. On her website, you can also read her horoscopes, peruse her astrology blog, and even purchase one of her books.

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