16 pictures that will make anxious people more anxious by just looking at them

1. Crowds in small places, because why are there so many people and what are they all doing there?


2. Shark cages, because why would anyone ever subject themselves to this kind of “fun”? 


3. Watching someone walk on a tightrope, because oh god, what happens if the next step they fall?


4. Confusing parking signs, because are you even allowed to leave your car here for 10 minutes?


5. Open elevator shafts, because it’s just like a bottomless pit to nothingness and imagine falling down into that!


6. Glass observation decks, because will today be the day someone steps out onto it, and it CRACKS?


7. Moldy food, because is there any chance you JUST ate that and didn’t realize it?


8. An empty room full of chairs for a meeting, because where the heck do you sit?


9. A thousand unread messages, because how are you ever supposed to get through all of them?


10. Any and all types of buffering when you are desperate to watch something, because now you’re very convinced your wifi is down!


11. And and all variations of this sign, because do the trucks driving around me on the highway KNOW to slow down?


12. Tunnel aquariums, because no one should be allowed to stroll underneath a bunch of man eating sharks. 


13. Rock climbing without roughly 15 harnesses, because yeah sure this image will get a ton of likes on Instagram, you could also fall to your death. 


14. Winding roads next to cliffs, also creating moments of “falling to your death over the cliff” panic.


15. The beach. Because, everything: sun, sand, seagulls, people, riptides, sharks, sand again, overcrowding with people, more sand, sand in your packed lunch, ugh, everything. 


16. This picture of a lady straightening her hair and OH GOD DID YOU REMEMBER TO TURN THE HAIR STRAIGHTENER OFF THIS MORNING?


So sorry for any bouts of anxiety you’ve had reading this. Here’s a puppy rolling around to hopefully make things better!


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