These pictures of Miley Cyrus recovering from New Year’s Eve are just so freaking relatable

It’s no secret that many of us were excited to see 2016 end. *Some* of us even partied extra hard to welcome in 2017. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s New Year’s Eve party is a perfect example of that. It seems like everyone really indulged – and we can’t blame them.

Before that, the pair gave us some super adorable holiday Instagrams (can you say Liam Hemsworth in a giant Christmas onesie?). Even after Liam made Miley rainbow moon earrings and we swooned, they keep sharing the most adorable pictures.

First of all, here are a couple of the (super sparkle-y) photos of the NYE party.

TBH, we’re a bit bummed we weren’t invited. Also, we’re a little obsessed with Liam’s pants. Oh and, just in case it was up for debate, they are the CUTEST couple.

But the party isn’t our favorite part of Miley Cyrus’ New Year. It’s how incredibly relatable she was yesterday, on New Year’s Day, when she clearly wasn’t feeling 100%. (Girl, we get it.) Her first post features sunglasses and a fuzzy shirt, and she looks so cozy that we’re *almost* envious.

Then Miley got truly real about how she was feeling.

After that, Miley ate some pasta, because carbs make everything better. She was also wearing PJs, because of course.

Sadly, even pasta didn’t get Miley back on her feet. In fact, she posted a picture of Bill Murray’s face, because apparently that’s the only thing that could make her feel better as she dealt with a monstrous hangover.

Finally, Miley ate some pizza (yum). Generally, she also seemed less miserable. At least, she captioned the photo with, “Goodnight world. 2017 I dig you already.” So, we figure she was feeling a little better — and we’re definitely glad.

Hopefully, Miley recovered enough to be in better shape today. Honestly, though, we totally can’t blame her for partying extra hard on New Year’s Eve. We just hope she (and Liam) keep giving us super sweet and relatable pictures of their 2017 adventures.

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