These illustrations perfectly describe what it’s actually like to live with anxiety

Those of us who suffer from anxiety know how difficult it is to explain to our more cheerful and outgoing friends. Whenever I have to cancel on dinner plans, or explain why raging at a party is not at all my cup of tea, my extroverted peers cannot fathom my mood. They often mistake anxiety for depression. And as we know, the two are very different.

Artist Catherine Lepage seeks to explain anxiety in a fun yet informative way so that our friends can understand. In her picture book Thin Slices of Anxiety, Lepage illustrates with simple yet powerful images the mind of someone who experiences anxiety. And the results are stunning:








As Lepage told The Mighty:

As an introvert, I’m grateful for artists such as Lepage who are willing to use their gift to aid understanding of the mind. Thin Slices of Anxiety is full of these beautiful, heartbreaking illustrations, and I cannot recommend it enough. To see more of Lepage’s work, check out her website.

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