We finally have pics of Kylie Jenner’s baby bump at her secret baby shower, and they are SO CUTE

She’s here! Kylie Jenner’s baby, that is. And that means that they’re here: photos of Kylie Jenner at her baby shower, that is. In addition to Kylie’s Instagram post announcing the birth of her daughter on February 1st, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner shared a sweet video chronicling her pregnancy.

In the video, Jenner’s BFFs gave the sweetest testimonials while at the baby shower. Many of Jenner’s closest friends, like Jordyn Woods and Anastasia Karanikolaou said that they think Kylie will make the best mom. They also shared that Kylie had wanted to become a mother for a long time, making the birth announcement all the more heartwarming.

Not only did Jenner’s BFFs make cute appearances in the pregnancy video, titled “To Our Daughter,” they also shared cute messages on Instagram. Following Jenner’s big announcement, her friends seem to have officially gotten the “OK” to share photos from the secret baby shower. From the pictures that everyone has shared, the party looks glamorous and laid back. Everyone in attendance wore cream-colored silk pajamas, while Kylie wore light pink.

In the YouTube video, Kourtney and Kim are shown at the party with their daughters, Penelope and North West, and it looks like a beautiful celebration to welcome Kylie’s daughter into the world.

With each of their Instagram posts, Jenner’s friends shared sweet messages for their friend.

Jordyn Woods, who is featured the most out of Jenner’s friends in the video, shared this sweet photo.

Karanikolaou captioned her photo,

"I can’t even begin to describe how proud and happy i am for you.... Love you both so much and I’m excited for this new chapter in life."

She added a sobbing-emoji and TBH that’s how we feel, too.

Even more of Jenner’s friends shared pictures from the shower after that.

Jenner’s friend Heather Sanders was pregnant at the same time as Jenner. She wrote, “So happy we got to share this experience together!”

Of course some of the pics had to feature the pink flower wall.

Jenner’s friend Yris Palmer shared a picture of herself giving Jenner’s pregnant belly a smooch.

All of Kylie’s friends’ photos are SO cute, and this day just keeps getting better.

Seriously, it’s almost too much.

We’re all crying happy tears today. Congrats, Kylie!