Pickles the mini pig eats his first ice cream cone and everything is awesome

What’s better on a hot, lazy summer day than an afternoon nap? Waking up to find someone bringing you ice cream in bed, that’s what.

That’s exactly what happened when Pickles, a totally adorable four-month-old mini pig, woke up from a snooze to find a vanilla ice cream cone looming over him. The treat was a surprise from Pickles’ pet-parent, Max DiNatale. Lucky for us, Max documented the occasion in a super sweet video. We see Pickles blink a few times, let out a few piggy snuffly noises, wiggle his pink little snout, then he bolts out of bed and attacks the ice cream cone. Basically, what any of us would do if we woke up to a similar scenario.

According to the caption that Max posted on YouTube, this was Pickles’ first ever experience with ice cream (which is totally safe for pigs, in case you were wondering). But the sweet little piglet is no stranger to yummy treats. Max’s Instagram is full of adorable pictures of his piggy sidekick trying all sorts of delicious goodies.

Like strawberries . . .

And lettuce . . .

And something that looks like popcorn.

And what does a pig do after a yummy snack? He brushes his teeth. Duh.

Glad you liked the ice cream, Pickles! So do we.

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