A pickle-themed restaurant is coming, and we would like to confirm our reservation

Pickles: Most people totally love ’em or totally hate ’em. If you’re of the “totally love ’em” variety, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for this new pickle-themed restaurant.

The heroes behind the New York City kosher shop  called The Pickle Guys have announced plans to open a real brick-and-mortar location in the city.

The location will mostly cater to takeaway orders, but will also have a few tables and/or bar stools for those who want to linger, Manager William Soo told Eater. 

The pickle-centered menu is still in the works, but Eater reports it will focus primarily on variations of fried pickles (cue hungry squeals of excitement) — though they will also serve variations, like fried mushrooms and tomatoes.

"We pickle many, many things throughout the year," Soo said. "We'll try to bring that stuff to the eatery."

The restaurant is slated to open in March or April at 357 Grand St. in Manhattan.

We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.