Pickle popsicles are a thing because, sure, why not?

Look out, world, pickle popsicles are here, just in time for summer. What’s a pickle popsicle, you ask? Well…pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Essentially it’s an Otter Pop, but pickle-flavored. We’ve seen pickles trending a lot lately, but this is a new frontier. Whatever floats your boat!

Did you know that athletes will drink pickle juice in order to help resist cramps? Sure, seems gross maybe, but it apparently works for them! Cosmopolitan reported on the creation of these salty iced treats, and it sounds like they might actually take off. The company who created them, Van Holten’s, is all about pickle innovation in these trying times.

Pickle-Ice is their take on a popular southern trend of pickle popsicles on hot days.

They’ve added in electrolytes to up the ante, so these will hopefully be adopted by athletes who need their pickle fix. So it’s like, Gatorade, but frozen, and also, pickle-flavored? Okay, sure, why not?

Check out this video from Delish!


Listen, it’s easy to say “gross!” and dismiss the pickle popsicle. But in these trying times, we need all the niche-craving catering we can get.


Whether you’re super into pickles or you’re just intrigued, you can find Pickle-Ice on Amazon. Stock up in bulk if you want! You just never know when you might need to ward off muscle fatigue AND satisfy your salty brine cravings AND cool off from the summer heat, all in one.