Pickle-flavored candy canes have arrived to add a little novelty to your holiday treats

The holiday season is officially upon us! And that means seasonal holiday treats have arrived, too. And it is very important that you are aware that pickle-flavored candy canes are the next big thing this holiday season. After all, one of the most fun parts of getting into the holiday spirit is definitely the seasonal food. Eggnog and pumpkin pie aside, this time of year brings out some very specific cravings — especially for things like candy canes. And this season just happens to bringing us this new kind of candy cane that you might be side eyeing more than craving.

Merging the tart taste of pickles with the sugary sweetness of candy canes may seem like an odd mix, but it may be the best way to entice non-sweet lovers into the holiday food celebrations.


It’s a subtle tangy taste, and candy canes make the best finishing touches to your Christmas tree or as a gift addition. And they also make the best treats while you’re waiting for those holiday dinners to take place.

The best part? You can get a pack of these eccentric candy canes for the bargain price of $8.90 right now on Amazon.

Be sure to grab yourself a box soon and surprise all of your holiday party guests this year — and you can check out their bacon, gravy, and wasabi candy canes, too.(?!?!?!)

H/T Good Housekeeping