Pickle donuts are a thing, and excuse us while we look away

Listen, we love a good donut more than the next gal. But this new donut flavor seems a bit sacrilegious to us. Yes, pickle donuts have been created and we’re feeling uncomfortable about that.

You can point the finger at lead baker Ian Carleton at Hurts Donuts in Springfield, Missouri. He’s the one responsible for inventing this seemingly egregious error of a food item. According to Delish, who sent their WTFoodteam to Hurts to get a taste of the pickle donut for themselves, Carleton thought of the recipe last December for National Pickle Day.

Back then, the pickle donut was supposedly the best-selling donut in Hurts’ 2017 “12 Glaze of Christmas” event, according to local ABC News affiliate KCRG. But it’s since gotten a makeover and we can’t lie — it looks gourmet AF.

The pickle donut is no longer just a pickle donut. It’s now the Pickle Cheesecake Donut. When Delish came to town, Hurts decided to show the world how they craft their sweet and sour treat. It contains real pickle bits, pickle cream cheese filling, icing, dried dill, and even a little cube of pickle juice jelly.

You can check out how the Pickle Cheesecake Donut is made on Delish’s Season 2 Episode 7 of WTFood below.


Yeah, okay. Fine. It looks appetizing. But how does it taste? Deslish’s Lindsay Funston describes the donut itself as tasting pretty good. But then, “there’s a lot of textures going on,” and Funston can only really describe the entire flavor as “bizarre.”

Fair enough. Honestly, that’s what we were expecting from pickle donuts.

If you’re in the Springfield area and want to try one of these marvels for yourself, act fast. Hurts is only bringing the Pickle Cheesecake Donut back for two weeks starting on March 28th.

And if you do try it, please report back. We just need all the info we can get.

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