Happy Pi Day! Here are all the awesome deals going on today

It’s March 14th, which mean’s it’s Pi Day! No, not Pie Day (although that sounds pretty amazing, too) — today is a celebration not of desserts, but of mathematics. The date is as close as possible to the number pi, 3.14159265359 (. . . etc, etc — it does have over a trillion digits, so we’ll cut it off here). In case it’s been awhile since you’ve sat in a geometry class, pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Even if you’re not the biggest math fan, everyone can celebrate Pi Day, because lots of companies are celebrating with deals involving the numbers 3.14. Here are all the great Pi Day sales going on that you should take advantage of before the day is over. (Good news: Many of them involve pizza!)



If you’ve been needing a new computer, today is the day to finally buy it. Microsoft is offering its Dell XPS 13 with a 31.4% discount, meaning it will cost you $685.31 instead of $999.00 for a whopping savings of $313.69. Not bad.

Blaze Pizza

If you’re not in need of a computer, you’re probably in need of pizza, because everyone needs pizza always, obviously. And if you’ve got $3.14 handy, you can buy any pizza at Blaze Pizza in New Jersey or Long Island for that super cheap price all day.

Domino’s Pizza

If you don’t get to nab some pizza today, Domino’s Pizza is celebrating the holiday all week by marking down regular menu-priced pizzas to 50%.

Pizza Hut 

Maybe a discount for one week isn’t enough for you. Maybe you want free pizza for 3.14 years. Sounds crazy, but Pizza Hut is hosting a contest with that very prize. You’ll have to solve some seriously difficult math questions created by Princeton mathematics professor John H. Conway. The three math geniuses who are able to crack ’em can with free pizza for pi amount of years. Pretty much AMAZING.


If you want something to wear to commemorate this special day, spend more than $25 at ThinkGeek and you get a shirt for free. The shirt says “Pi Hard” with what looks like an evil pie, so there’s really nothing better. And if you take a picture of yourself celebrating Pi Day with the hashtag #PiDayPride, you could win a $100 ThinkGeek certificate.

Now go on and celebrate, mathematicians and pizza-lovers. Happy Pi Day!