Use these phrases if you want to love your body even more!

Everybody loves a good inspirational, body-positive quote. Hearing phrases like “embrace your curves” can, for some people, really make a world of difference. Yet those in the trans community, they have a much more complicated relationship (and understandably so) with many common body love phrases. 

Luckily, people have opened up about some trans-inclusive language we can actively use to make our vocabulary more universally loving.

“Don’t let society tell you that your body makes you less than.”


Instead of pointing out something specific about your body that you may want to embrace, instead focus on the fact that your body doesn’t define who you are. Anyone who tries to criticize some element of it is trying to tear you down. Instead, know that your true worth comes from inside.

“All bodies have value. All bodies deserve care.”


Rather than focusing on the fact that “your body is perfect how it is,” (a notion trans people really struggle with since they were not born feeling at ease in their body) focus instead on the fact that your body is important to your life and deserves loving care.

“You do you.”


Phrases that focus on changing how you see your body rather than how you feel inside of it can make transgender communities feel frustrated and isolated in their own experience. As simple as this alternative phrase sounds, it flawlessly gets across the message that you’re entitled to feel however you wish to feel about your body.

“My body, my rules.”


Focus on the fact that your get to have an individual experience and personal relationship with your body.

We love these alternatives to talking about bodies. Not only because we realize they’ll allow for a more inclusive conversation, but also because they’re also just spectacular ways of reminding yourself that you rock.

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