More blood-curdling photos have been captured of Dear David, the dead child haunting a man’s NYC apartment

Back in the beginning of November, we reported on the truly horrifying photos Adam Ellis captured of Dear David, the dead boy haunting his NYC apartment. And now, unfortunately, there is even more chilling photographic evidence of Dear David. We think Ellis needs to gtfo of there STAT!

When we last heard from Ellis, he had just discovered an old child-size shoe and a marble in the mysterious hatch above his staircase. Yes, we admit it was odd that he found a child’s shoe, of all things, when a dead child’s ghost has supposedly taken up residence in his house. But apparently, nothing too strange happened with the objects because we haven’t heard from Ellis since he found them on November 28th.

But Ellis returned to Twitter yesterday, December 12th, to fill us in on his most recent Dear David run-in — and WOW is it terrifying! He quickly summed up the past few weeks, telling us that he hasn’t been sleeping well, he’s been having odd dreams, and that he’s been experiencing bouts of dizziness.

He thought that finding the objects in the attic had put an end to Dear David. Perhaps they validated his existence and therefore David didn’t need to stick around.

But no. Ellis thought wrong.

Ellis explained that he recently sensed a feeling of “tangible badness,” which is a feeling he often gets when he’s about to have a Dear David experience. He describes it as a “palpable sense of malice.”

The next night, he awoke and felt the same thing. So he figured he’d set up the nanny cam — remember the nanny cam? It captured the chair rocking and the turtle shell falling off the wall in one of the previous Dear David episodes.

Unfortunately, the nanny cam’s cord didn’t reach his bedroom. So Ellis “improvised.”

Hours later, Ellis experienced the same “bad feeling” phenomenon and felt as though he was being watched. He suddenly awoke and ran to his phone. There were about 350 photos to scroll through. Most of them just showed Ellis sleeping in the dimly-lit bedroom.

But then, David appeared.

David then disappeared from about 15 of the photos. But he returned and was standing on the bed, mere inches away from sleeping Ellis.

This is the last photo that Ellis’s phone captured —


Ellis is at a loss for words, he wrote in another tweet. Honestly, so are we. We’re still on the fence as to whether the Dear David saga is real or just an amazing social experiment. But either way, we’re feeling creeped out AF and intrigued to see what Dear David attempts to do next.

Sorry, Adam.

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