13 photos of animals drinking wine, because we’re not the only ones stressing about life at the moment

So, you need a drink, huh? If you’re wondering what took us so friggin’ long to ask, pull up a seat, pour yourself something to sip on and let’s get into some perfectly timed animal photos of our favorite furry, four-legged friends posing with wine because we humans aren’t the only creatures who are way stressed TF out about life at the moment.

Before anyone asks, no, these animals are not actually guzzling wine by the gallon (like we are). But they look funny AF posing next to a bottle of pinot noir and we all *really* need to LOL right now, so LET’S GET THIS LAUGH-A-THON POPPIN’, Y’ALL.

We’ll go first. Har-tee-har!

And now, we present this hilariously relatable roundup of animalz posing with wine:

This cat laid up wearing sunnies is literally ALL OF US right now:


‘Tis the time for side-eyes and wine:

This kitty straight-up wrecked the cellar because UNLIMITED WINE:


We feel this cat. Pop the cork already, dammit!


TFW adulting gets too damn real:


That well-placed paw is this pup’s way of saying, “Back away from the wine.”


You know what? We can’t even blame this dog for stealin’ a sip:


How we look when someone says it’s wine time:


An actual photo of us after a bottle or three:

Because there’s no shame in licking the glass:



LOOK AT THIS CAT’S GLAZED OVER EYES. It *totally* woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this happen (oh, baby):

Aaand the ultimate #Squadgoals:


OK, everyone. Feel free to hit us up if you’re need of more raucous wine-induced laughter, but for now we’re off to pour up one big ass glass of vino for a much-needed sip ‘n chill sesh.