This photographer’s exquisite pics of a California road trip are making our hearts explode

Californiaaaaa here we cooommeeeee. (Shoutout The OC!) The world has been romanticizing California for forever. And for good reason. We have celebs. We have pressed juice. We have summer-time weather year round. A French photographer has been on a road-trip across California and his photos from the golden state will will make you want to buy a one-way ticket ASAP.

So, WE live in Cali and yeah, the traffic is annoying, and yeah, Los Angeles specifically can be a THING, but this photo set is a beautiful reminder that California can honestly GET IT. Southern California is basically summer always, but if you want to experience ~seasons~ you’ve got San Francisco and Yosemite and the rest of the northern coast. We’ve got mountains, we’ve got beaches, we’ve got Coachella, we’ve got movie sets, we’ve got the offices where Snapchat happens, WE’VE GOT DISNEYLAND! Honestly, they should change the name of California to OPTIONS because we have so many! So let’s all thank brilliant photographer Aurelien Buttin for capturing all that Cali truly is.

Beaches off the central coast:


Los Angeles:


Northern Cali:

Death Valley:

This photographer doesn’t just obsess over California. He travels the world and seems to have a thing for photographing pretty girls in lush locations.

Like, by the sea in France.

Or in a bath.

He also took a van through Croatia,

And Italy.

He’s got a great Instagram presence is what we’re trying to say.

But here’s one last look at our home state:

Alright that’s it, pack the car, you’re heading to California.