These stunning photos of ‘crazy cat lovers’ might make you want to adopt more cats

Whenever I hear “crazy cat lover,” I think of a person with 23 cats, who wears cat pajamas all day, watches cat soap operas (probably not a real thing) and eats cat-shaped macaroni and cheese for lunch and dinner. I’m totally on board with that lifestyle, but as it turns out, the whole “cat-lovers are crazy” thing is a weird myth, born out of stigmas, born out of a general misunderstanding of the glory of cats. Yes, some people love cats, but that doesn’t make them crazy.

Cats are, scientifically and emotionally speaking, the coolest. And so are the people who love them. Now, one cat-loving photographer has taken the “crazy cat lover” stereotype and turned it on its head by revealing what it really looks like to be true cat lover.

23-year-old Andreanne Lupien spent a year photographing owners of cats in their homes for her series, titled “Crazy Cat Lovers“—a smart play on the stigma. Her series is a celebration of loving cats and a revealing look at the way we so easily cohabitate with tons of these four-legged creatures—even if it’s only through digital magic.

Here’s the secret we didn’t catch right away: most of these pet-lovers only have one cat but Lupien multiplied them digitally, so it appears her subjects have loads of the animals running around their homes. Still, a few of her subjects really did have more than one cat. (“Sometimes it’s 2,7 or 10,” she told us.) The more the merrier.

She posted the absolutely fantastic pictures on Bored Panda, and we honestly couldn’t be happier about it.

Take a look at some of the amazingness (p.s. I had no idea cats could fly):

Check out even more awesome photos at her website here.

(Photos by Andreanne Lupien via Bored Panda)