Photobomber is the new Flickr game that will completely waste your entire afternoon

Do you have about five hours to spare? Are you looking to quietly kill five hours sitting at your desk waiting for the work day to end? Great. We’ve got the perfect game for you, that will suck you in, keep you playing, and frustrate you until you’ve mastered every last card.

Say hello to Photobomber, our newest internet addiction. Created by Justin Hook (of Google Feud fame) this game will also bring you into the depths of the internet, via some beautiful Flickr pictures. Using photos uploaded to the site, and pulling from Flickr’s application program interface (aka, the tagged photos), the game is simple: you see pictures, you have to figure out what the top tag for that image is, and then fill-in-the-blanks to figure out the movie/phrase/music/or book.


You might THINK the game sounds easy, but just like when you’re tagging your beautiful portrait on Instagram, you’re going to add in a lot of unnecessary tags. Sometimes you’re looking at the pictures and there’s just no conceivable way they can form any sort of pop culture thing… and then when you click for the answer, you’re like OH NOW I FEEL FOOLISH.


You get four “bombs” to skip a round, and once you’re out of bombs, and you have no more guesses left in you, that’s when the game is over. And that’s also when the next game begins, because you can’t turn away from Photobomber until you’ve outsmarted all of Flickr.


Click here to play. So many apologizes in advance for the decrease in productivity this afternoon.