The photo series you need to see on National Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day—a day we’ve designating for eyeballing every image of adorable canines we can find on the Internet. Which is why we’re sharing with you a particularly beautiful series of dog photos we discovered.

Australian photographer Lauren Bamford devoted lots of time to capturing dogs on the go. Her series “Neither Excluded nor Included,” features a collection of dogs she’s spotted in cars (and one on a boat) throughout her travels across Australia over a period of 18 months.

Dog owners everywhere will recognize the emotions in these portraits. Some dogs look blissful to be outdoors, feeling the breeze on their whiskers.

Others are a wee bit concerned that their human BFFs are making them wait for so long. We feel you, friends.

Others have noses out the window, catching the wind.

Of course, what all these canine passengers share is their ability to make us want to reach through our screens to hug them and keep them company.

Dogs do a lot of waiting for us, going along with our plans and generally being cool about accompanying us on our human journeys, and Bamford’s series reminds us why we’re so grateful for their company. Take a look at the rest of Bamford’s collection, and then go home and hug your doggies—on National Dog Day and every day!

(Photos courtesy of Lauren Bamford)


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