These photos of a blonde Sebastian Stan from 10 years ago are golden

Sebastian Stan, aka Bucky “steal your heart” Barnes, is probably best known as Captain America’s only worthy adversary (and, really, buddy) these days. Let’s not forget his ~killer~ performance in Captain America: Civil War, earlier this year.

Here for Cap and Bucky.

You may even recall his role as Jefferson, aka the Mad Hatter, on Once Upon a Time.

And we’re SURE you’re aware how good he looks in a tux, because, I mean…


But, believe it or not, there was a time when Sebastian wasn’t just a tall, dark, handsome star…

He was a tall, FROSTED-TIPPED, handsome star!


This photo is actually from the 2006 premiere of Hilary and Haylie Duff’s teen film Material Girls. Stan wasn’t actually in the movie, so we’re not entirely sure what he’s doing on the red carpet here.

And that million dollar smile…


To be fair, Sebastian was a star on-the-rise back in 2006, because only a year later he joined the iconic cast of Gossip Girl, so…

BONUS PHOTO! Sebastian actually went full platinum blonde about a year later.


He’s like a long lost member of your favorite ’00s emo band! AND WE LOVE IT.

Blonde or brunette, we are HAPPY to take Sebastian Stan either way. Like, very, very happy.

Smolder forever.

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