This girl tweeted a photo of flowers her dad sent to her mom after they divorced, and the Internet is collectively weeping

Not all divorces are acrimonious — and sometimes they bring out the most bittersweet moments. Morgan Lynn, a 17-year-old girl from Texas, tweeted a photo of flowers her dad sent to her mom after they divorced, and has since received an outpouring of kind words, support, and seriously adorable dog photos from strangers on the Internet after she shared her story.

Lynn's dad used to send her mom a bouquet of her favorite flowers whenever she was having a bad day — and the day their divorce was finalized was no exception. Morgan posted a picture of the flowers along with her Dad's note, which read "Always gonna be you." If you totally just teared up, you're in the company of the entire Internet.


In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Lynn said that she immediately began crying when she saw the flowers and the note. After she shared the sweet gesture, her post quickly went viral and strangers offered love and support — some people are even hopeful that a reconciliation may be in her parents’ future.

Lynn told the outlet she was touched by "seeing the responses and the love in people's hearts." She also had one request that I'm sure the dog lovers among us can relate to — and it started the most adorable thread ever.


Lynn told BuzzFeed News she understands why the post struck a chord with so many people: “I believe that everyone is seeing true love through this tweet.”

Her dad’s gesture illustrates that true love doesn’t always end after a divorce — and it’s both heartbreaking and beautiful.

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