This photo of Lena Dunham’s boyfriend at Lorde’s ~girl power~ birthday party is awkwardly adorable

Taylor Swift threw a party for Lorde’s 20th birthday, inviting mostly ladies, at ZZ’s Clam Bar in New York City. The dinner party including Lorde’s pals Lena Dunham, Rachel Antonoff, Tavi Gevinson, Karlie Kloss and Mae Whitman, as well as a bunch of her childhood friends.

“Had the best birthday party I’ve ever had tonight surrounded by my nyc family,” the singer posted on Instagram.

Some men were there, too. Aziz Ansari made an appearance in a cat-tiger tee.

Oh, and Lena Dunham’s boyfriend Jack Antonoff attended, hanging patiently next to Lena while she whispered secrets into Tswift’s ear.

The pic, taken by actress/writer and Rookie boss-lady Tavi Gevinson is pure gold. Captioned, “WOMEN, am I right?” this could easily be the pitch of a new HBO series, titled WOMEN. Am I right?

We can spy Antonoff in the background of this vid, surrounded by women singing to the birthday girl (who’s real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor).

Who wouldn’t at this most awesome of birthday parties?