This photo of a woman who ran into Hillary Clinton in the woods has gone viral for the sweetest reason

We can probably all use a little good news right now, and this story is giving us ALL the warmth and fuzzies. This woman went on a hike yesterday to let out her frustrations with how the election went, and it was lovely and calming and great. AND THEN SHE RAN INTO HILLARY CLINTON. Both women were seeking escape from the election heartbreak, and both found solace in the forest, and within each other. We are seriously tearing up right now.Margot Gerster shared her story of ~casually~ running into Hillary Clinton on Facebook, and it instantly went viral. With over 70k reactions, 6k shares, and 6k comments, the internet is totally freaking out about this amazing story (the post was later taken down, but we’re sure it would have racked up thousands more shares and comments).

She wrote,

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