Yes! Josh Gad just gave us the first photo from the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ set!

Beauty and the Beast is done filming. I repeat, Beauty and the Beast is done filming. The Disney live-action remake of the animated classic has finished filming its tale as old as time! Next stop, movie theaters. Ehhh . . . in 2017.

So in the meantime, we’re going to obsess over every single detail of Josh Gad’s newest Instagram picture because it gives us our first look at what we’re going to see in the movie. Gad, who plays Le Fou, posted a snowy picture of him and Gaston, Luke Evans, sitting on some steps. The two are embraced in one last B&B hug. The caption mentions that he’s going to “miss the cast,” especially Gaston. Aww.

Now let’s really obsess over this picture. Doubtful the guys are hanging out in the snow because Olaf just stopped by for a visit, so that means part of the story takes place during the winter — just like in the animated movie. Then these steps. Where do they go? What’s up at the top? Going to use my wealth of Disney knowledge to guess that these steps lead right to the Beast’s castle. Why? Because Beast’s castle is always pictured sitting high atop a mountain, that one will need treacherous looking stairs to reach.

Here’s Beast’s castle in the OG B&B.

Here’s Beast’s castle hanging out in its new home in Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Mountains? Snow? It just adds up. In Disney World, there’s also even a staircase next to the castle that leads all the way up to the top (but don’t try and climb it, it’s just for show).

Gah, we’re still going to have to wait so long to see exactly what happens on these steps  — aside from Gaston/Le Fou hugs, of course. Beauty and the Beast will open on March 17th, 2017. Hopefully we’ll get a few more pictures to obsess over before then, which will make the wait so much easier.

The first ‘Beauty and the Beast’ cast photo happened! *screams*

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[Images via Instagram and Disney/Walt Disney World

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