This band just started a new phone trend, and it’s making the entire world nervous

My phone makes me nervous. Am I the only one? It’s a thin, precious computer that contains vital information I would be hopelessly lost without. There are so many surfaces my phone could fall from. So many pockets it could pop out of. So many things I could trip over and drop it. Basically, my phone is my child, and I would never ever put it in harm’s way. And I think most of us feel the exact same way.

So when “phone pinching” officially became a thing, the universe’s collective phone anxiety went through the roof. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of the band Twenty One Pilots posted a video of the new trend, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: They pinch their phone with the tips of their fingers and hold it over the most terrifying places imaginable. Places phones should never, ever be!

They pinch their phones over tall balconies. They do it over (AND INSIDE OF) the gap in an elevator shaft. They even pinch their phones inside of subway grates. And it gives me the willies.

Let’s talk about Tyler and Josh’s technique. They aren’t death-gripping their phones—they’re merely pinching them ever so lightly and dangling them. What happens if somebody accidentally bumps into you, mid pinch? WHAT HAPPENS IF IT RINGS? The subtle vibration/sound combo of receiving a text would for sure startle me, and I would definitely drop the phone into the dark abyss.

What is the reason for this madness? Do Tyler and Josh not love their phones? Do they need a phone intervention?

If you think you can stomach the jitters, watch Twenty One Pilots do their thing, aka “phone pinching.”

Featured image via YouTube